What is a Good Sermon?

Someone in a seminary preaching class asked the professor how many points a sermon should have?  He answered, “At least one!”  One pastor, after preaching a twelve point sermon, told his congregation that he was sorry having so many points to cover in his sermon, but if they would return that night, his sermon would be pointless!  We’ve all heard some of those.

A good sermon could be constructed from a number of different styles, but the real determining factor of its true value would be two-fold:  1) Was it biblical?  2) Did it communicate?

Simple is always best.  Billy Sunday said, “Put the cookies on the bottom shelf where the little kids can reach them, and the old folks can bend over and get them.”  That is not to say that there shouldn’t be some meat for more mature Christians in the congregation, but even deep truths can be put into simple terms, and good preaching does it.

Adrain Rogers said that a good sermon 1) illuminates the scripture; 2) illustrates the point; 3) applies the truth; and 4) invites the hearers to respond.

Finally, a good sermon quits before the listeners do.   How long one can endure their chair is not a test of spirituality.

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