Christmas And Godly Jealousy

I’m one of those Christians who, like Elijah of the Old Testament, is very jealous for God, or on God’s behalf. In Exodus 20:5, God said that He is a jealous God. He is jealous concerning His glory and the worship of His people. My jealousy, on His behalf, is because I want Him to receive glory. I am grieved when I see people turning to the gods of this world, and the gods of people’s imagination. When I see people exalting Santa Clause as the god of Christmas, I am provoked to a godly jealousy. When I see people allow Christmas to become a time of financial burden, instead of a time of Spiritual blessing, I experience this jealousy. When I see people having no time or true devotion for the Christ, yet becoming excited over Christmas, I am grieved and experience godly jealousy. I would love to see people give sacrificial gifts to the furtherance of the gospel and not such sacrificial gifts to those who neither need them nor appreciate them. I’m dreaming of a Christ-centered Christmas.

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