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A Happy Church

Churches, like people, all have their differing personalities. Some don’t want to change anything, and others seem to want to change everything. I think most people would want a happy church family, where going is a joy and not a dread.

In my judgment, the thing that is most needed is the blessing of the Lord. No church has ever failed with God’s blessing on them. From the early pages of the Bible, we see the Lord putting leaders before His people, and He does that so that those leaders will lead, as they follow His leading. I’ve seen leaders who quickly become church bosses, and when they speak there is little room for question. On the other hand, I’ve seen those in positions of leadership, who really will not lead. They just wait and see which way things are going, then run and jump in front of it and call themselves leading. In either of those cases, I don’t believe the result is a happy church.

A happy church is one where people know they have a leader, but at the same time they know they have freedom to question, suggest, and exercise their own gifts and abilities within the parameters of their own personalities. I am presupposing that sound doctrine is taught in each situation, and in that case, I am suggesting that a happy church is much more likely to be holy church.

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