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Trinity Baptist ChurchTrinity Baptist Church of Fulton, Mississippi reaches out to minister to people in every age group and every situation of life. We put a major emphasis on children and youth. We want to teach children God’s word, helping them to hide it in their hearts, so that it might serve as a light to their path and a lamp to their feet.

At Trinity, we have two Sunday morning services, beginning at 8:30 and 10:30. The first is a contemporary type service, and the second is more traditional in nature. If you are in the Fulton area, whether a resident or just passing through, we welcome you to come and join us as we worship our Great God and Savior! Look here for more guest information.

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The Word Of Truth

Second Timothy, chapter two, verse fifteen calls the Bible the “word of truth.” Romans 3:4 says, “…let God be true and every man a liar,” meaning if anyone, regardless of his experience or so-called credentials, says anything contrary to what the Bible says, then consider him to be pitifully ignorant at best, or a malicious liar at worst. The Bible is the ultimate in truth and is the “gold standard” by which we are to judge all things.  For instance, the Bible says that God “created” the world and all that is in it. The Bible is very specific about the time frame in which this creation took place. It was in a six day period, and the days were not millions of years long. Each day was marked by the rotation of the earth, just like it is today. The Bible says “the evening and the morning” constituted each day. We are told in the word of truth that the various life forms were created to have their seed within themselves, so that each would “bring forth after his kind.” we call it the law of bio-genesis. Cats are never going to have puppies, etc. 

But why has the false teaching of evolution become the standard doctrine for government schools? When the Bible first introduces the devil in Genesis 3, we are told that he is very subtle. We see that from the very beginning of his attacks on mankind, he has cast doubt that God’s word really is the word of truth. If people think of themselves as the product of an explosion, and the natural reaction of that explosion resulting in their evolving from a lower life form to a higher form of natural animal, then their expectations for themselves and those around them will be greatly affected. If the Bible is not to be trusted about creation, then it logically follows that it is not to be trusted about salvation, either.  There is also the logic that if God didn’t create us, then He really has no ownership rights over us, therefore, no real right to tell us what to do. 

This very day, there will be teachers who will indoctrinate impressionable boys and girls on these false teachings. What can we do? Pray for Christian teachers, that they will at the very least tell their students that this may be what the book says, but it is certainly not what they believe, that they believe the Bible. We can wake up and realize that God didn’t give children to the government, He gave them to parents. Pray that parents will be diligent to teach their children the word of truth. Finally, we can be a church that will stop making church game time and eating time and make it a learning time for the word of truth. Pray that in the little window of opportunity we have, we will teach the word of truth. 

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